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Rules for Escorts


Working as an escort can be a very fulfilling experience, in terms of finance as well as the feeling of helping out men in dire need of pleasant and interesting company. However, it has some risks attached to it, though this is not unlike any other profession. It is important that ladies are aware of the essential ways to protect themselves, while retaining their professional mien.

Unwritten rules you must consider

The first and perhaps most important step is to properly screen clients. The extent of the screening differs very widely, from a simple reverse lookup of the client’s phone number in a phonebook to a full background check. This is one of the areas in which escorts working with agencies have an advantage, due to the resources of the agency being better able to conduct thorough check-ups. It is also important at this stage to fully understand what the client is after. This means that they should give an overview of what they will be expecting when they meet the lady. With this information, a decision can be made on whether to accept the booking or not.

It is important that escorts arrive at the venue of a date early. About 15 minutes should be enough time to check out the surroundings and see if there are any red flags in the environment. When the client arrives, it is essential that the previously agreed donation be paid immediately, before the date commences at all.

The donation must be made in cash, and not credit cards or any other sort of payment. In the event that the donation is of a large sum, then the escort should consider making use of a pen checker to avoid fake notes. Professionalism and courtesy are important at all times, though the lady should immediately end the date if anything in it is making her uncomfortable.